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Social Media Tips (Updated 2023)
To raise awareness on Instagram for your restaurant, include relevant trending hashtags. For example, if it happens to be #nationalicecreamday , and your delights include ice cream, post a great photo.  


Take photos of your menu one step further – get your customers to upload their favorite items, to help build your menu of images on social media accounts. This type of user generated content not only gets your customers involved, it creates a stronger bond. Appreciate your patrons with a free soda, they’ll love it!


If you want to gain a lot of user generated content, set up a photo contest on Instagram or Facebook. A photo contest can motivate your customers to engage with you, your menu items, and your restaurant. When someone takes a photo and submits it into your contest they will likely think about that photo, your menu item and your restaurant for at some time. You can reward winners with a gift certificate keeping your costs low.


Using hashtags in your social media posts is like giving your content a VIP ticket to the internet’s coolest party. It’s like putting on a neon sign that says, “Hey, check me out!” Hashtags aren’t just trendy accessories – they’re your content’s wingman, introducing it to a whole bunch of new friends who are totally into the same stuff. Plus, they’re like a magical bridge to the land of trending topics, where your posts can ride the wave of popularity and maybe even score you a high-five from the algorithm gods. Think of hashtags as your trusty magnifying glass, helping you discover a treasure trove of like-minded folks and building your very own fan club. Just remember, a sprinkle of relevance is key – don’t be the person who brings a kazoo to a violin concert. And, seriously, don’t turn your posts into hashtag soup – nobody wants to read a game of Scrabble gone wrong. So, go ahead, slap on those hashtags like they’re stickers on a cool kid’s notebook, and watch your social media game level up! 🚀
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